The hurricane claim attorneys at the Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC in Metairie, Louisiana work closely with individuals who have had their hurricane claims denied or delayed. Insurance companies have a responsibility to honor their contractual obligations to you. However, in the aftermath of a hurricane, insurance adjusters may be overwhelmed with many claims, and may use formulas or even computer programs to estimate the value of your claim. This may result in delayed claim or in a situation where a homeowner is offered a claim that is much less than they may deserve. If you believe your hurricane insurance claim was wrongfully denied, or if you believe that the amount of money being offered for your claim is far lower than your damages or doesn’t cover your damages, consider reaching out to the Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC, hurricane insurance lawyers in Metairie, Louisiana.

Reasons Why Hurricane Insurance Claims Get Denied in Metairie, Louisiana

Hurricane insurance companies and insurance adjusters may sometimes have valid reasons to deny an insurance claim, but it all comes down to the specific wording of your homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance coverage. Full homeowner’s read their insurance policy in full when they purchase it and fewer know what is or isn’t covered or even whether they have a deductible. If you aren’t sure what is or isn’t covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy or commercial property insurance, the hurricane insurance lawyers at the Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC in Metairie, Louisiana may be able to help. We can review your policy, help you understand its limitations and coverage, and if needed, fight insurance adjusters to help you get the settlement you may deserve.

What are some common reasons why hurricane insurance claims get denied? If your home was flooded, but you don’t have flood insurance, your claim may be denied. Flood zones change frequently and many people who live in a flood zone don’t realize that they do. However, sometimes insurance companies may claim that because you live in a flood zone, all water damage was due to flooding. Of course, this can be furthest from the truth, especially if your roof was damage, or a window was broken. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between water damage due to flooding and water damage due to a leaky roof or broken window. Some insurance companies may find loopholes or ways to prevent covering such a claim, by claiming that if two incidents happened at the same time, then neither are covered, but a hurricane lawyer in Metairie, Louisiana at the Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC would need to look at your specific policy and its wording to determine what is and isn’t covered.

Another issue that can arise in the claims process is your deductible. If you have a high deductible and your damages were valued as being quite low, your insurance company may claim that the entire repair is on you. Of course, the value of damages can often be disputed and insurance adjusters may sometimes use outdated information or even information that isn’t accurate to estimate the value of your damages. For example, if lumber prices have gone up since your insurance company put together its most recent tables or algorithms, your insurance adjuster might quote you a lower settlement amount than you may be entitled to receive. You’ll also need to take into account higher costs due to demand for repairs following a hurricane. Contractors are often overworked and overbooked for repairs following a hurricane and their rates may go up as a result. If your insurance adjuster fails to take into account current market values of your repairs, you might be given a lower quote than you may deserve.

Another reason why claims get denied is when a homeowner fails to make a claim in time or by deadline. Always report damages as soon as possible after a storm. Don’t miss important deadlines.

If your hurricane insurance claim has been denied, you may have the right to appeal the denial. If you feel you are being offered a lower claim than you may deserve, you may also have a right to appeal the initial offer. The hurricane insurance lawyers at the Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC in Metairie, Louisiana work closely with individuals and victims whose claims have been denied. Our hurricane lawyers may be able to help.

What to Do if Your Hurricane Insurance Settlement Doesn’t Cover Repairs

If the settlement your homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance adjuster is offering you to cover repairs isn’t enough to cover all your repairs, there are many reasons why this may be so. If you have a deductible or a high deductible, you’ll need to take into account the out-of-pocket costs written into your policy. This may be one reason why your repair costs may be higher than expected. But there are also other reasons why this happens. Sometimes insurance adjusters estimate the value of repairs lower than they actually cost. If this is the case, it might be worthwhile to fight for a higher settlement. Showing a contractor’s actual quote for repairs can help, or asking for a line item breakdown of how your insurance company is estimating your costs can help you see areas where your insurance adjuster may have missed expenses. Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC is a hurricane insurance law firm in Metairie, Louisiana that may be able to help you negotiate with insurance adjusters if you disagree about your settlement amount. Don’t sign away your rights for a higher settlement if you are not sure.

Things to Keep in Mind During the Hurricane Insurance Claims Process

The insurance claims process can take some time to complete. You may even need to make temporary repairs while your insurance company assesses your damages and gets you your final settlement amount. If your roof was damaged or if a window is broken, you may be required to make these repairs to prevent water from further damaging your home. Keep all records of these repairs, though, because they will be factored into your settlement amount.

If you do have to make temporary repairs to protect and secure your property, make sure you document clearly the damage your property suffered before making these repairs, and beware hiring a contractor in full until your insurance company has had a chance to fully assess your damages. It is a good idea to wait to do full repairs until your insurance company has had a chance to send out an adjuster to evaluate the damage. If you need to relocate while repairs are being made, make sure to document all expenses and keep receipts. Ask contractors to quote you the cost of repairs and give these estimates to insurance adjusters. Document all property damaged in your home, or refer to lists of valuables you made before the storm.

If you are having trouble with a hurricane insurance claim, you are not alone. Many homeowners experience delays or disagree with the initial quote insurance adjusters give them. Houghtaling Law Firm, LLC is a hurricane insurance law firm in Metairie, Louisiana that may be able to help you. Contact our hurricane lawyers today. You may only have a limited time to make a claim.